Inspirational Logos


No Hate T-shirt

Entrepreneur, philantropist, fitness trainer and model Lexi Sollars is featured here rocking the No Hate t-shirt. The "No Hate" t-shirt simply means what is means no hate on anyone or anything for the color of skin, ethincity, culture, religion, or any individual whom strives to be great in life. As human beings we should always want to be there to show love, and kindness to one another. As our new generation says "no shade" thrown on any one for any reason we should always want to see each other come up or be great in life. Even if it means reaching back to bring someone forward. No Hate is the motto.


Free State of Mind T-shirt

Entrepreneur and philantropist Kevy H. is featured in our Free State of Mind t-shirt. Free State of Mind is a lifestyle. Its the ability to think for yourself. Having the courage to break the chains that society tries to place on our minds. Having a Free State of Mind gives you the confidence to question and challenge life. To not only think outside the box but to think bigger than the box. Expressing myself in how I think, feel, dress, and act without any regrets or hesitation because it may inspire the next person to find their peace, their Free State of Mind.